So I was going to be a bit over $130 in debt this month (on the credit card). But then a bunch of stuff I wanted to get in October with my GST rebate, came on sale on Amazon, so I got the lot of it. It was not all on sale, but I figured in for a penny in for a pound. So now I'm $235.75 in the hole and there is still the matter of going for coffee, so that will be about $20 more.

The thing is if I pay this off I'll have only $20 left next month after bills and rent. So I'll have to be on the card again for September. But in October there is the GST rebate and extra money. So then if I keep it to $200 on the card (praying nothing goes wrong), I'll have about $200 left that month for everything else and the card will be paid off.

Food for next month will be about $111. This is more than it was this month, but I also have to get more and it's for a longer time frame. But it's all good. I just need to keep expenses down and have about no fun and it will be all good.

Man I think after being short most of the time for over a decade, if I won big on the lotto, I'd be dead in 2 or 3 years from excess. Yup it would not be a good thing. But won't happen for a while as I can't afford tickets for over a month.

All the bills are paid however and the rent is paid and I have all I need. This is all I can ask for. If I am in serious need my friends will help me, they always do. Peace to you and keep smiling.


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