☕️ I was in the salvation army store and a kid about 8 or 9 asked his mom "can I have this"? She yelled "no it's too expensive" without looking. It was a fork. To this day I still wonder why that child so desperately wanted a fork and why his mother was allowed to have children.
☕️ When I could not explain and said "just because" dad would get angry and say "because is not an answer". Yet very many times when I asked "why" he say "just because".
☕️ II Samuel 1:26
☕️ There is a bird that sings a happy song in dark of night. It is always there, but our thoughts and fears block out its song. Only if we are quiet and still and thinking of peaceful thoughts do we hear the bird. The bird is part of us and we must feed it for it to sing. -DSN-
☕️ 10 year old me first starting a life of not being able to sleep at night, "I can't get to sleep". Dad, "just go to sleep".
☕️ Want to write a play or short movie? I'm always impressed when the actors and dialogue are able to move me with only 1 set and 2 actors. 2 people in a room can be challenging. Death of a salesman comes to mind.
☕️ Go to kitchen, and stand there wondering why you went in there. Go to living room, sit down, and remember why you went to the kitchen. Repeat process.
☕️ Close the blind and the sun goes behind the clouds again. It's a conspiracy.
☕️ S'mores are the reward for having to go camping.
☕️ I don't want to live forever, just long enough to get implants that let you communicate on the internet and play games with just your brain. Although viruses and hacking might be a problem.
☕️ I found a bag with $10,000 in it. I'm going to get 175 bottles of buffalo trace and $2000 worth of chips. I think this is the best investment.
☕️ "That song will be the next hit". So now they tell you what to like and you like it? What sheep.
☕️ Less stressed animals taste better.
☕️ Why is there a small hole in my leg?


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