Windows Defender for Windows 10 rates up there with the best for protection these days. However, take it to Microsoft to make an A.V. that takes most of the day to scan the hard drive. 188 GB used space is not a great deal these days. Just think about the people who have 5TB of stuff to sift through - the dang thing would have to be run before you left on a 2 week vacation and then might be at 80% when you got home.

I am only using it because the one that comes with my internet provider sucks resources like crazy - but it's done scanning the entire drive in 25 minutes. Maybe it's analyzing all the naked selfies I've taken and saved to the drive? I know it's looking to see if I have any bootleg programs installed - but still... DANG.

Not to mention the amount of resources it sucks while it's installing a Windows 10 update makes you think you have a virus (thus the scan). Would be actually nice if it told you it was installing an update so you did not have to wonder why the hell Word keeps stalling as you type. Is it too much to ask that if you're going to use 90% of the resources for 42 minutes you tell us your doing it?

I'm telling you if a Mac was not the price of a good used car and it actually ran the stuff I want to use, I'd switch. Windows is getting good at losing the confidence of it's market.


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