Rampage Coffee Co. is located in Saskatoon Saskatchewan and is a small batch coffee roasting company that makes 3 different and very unique blends.

The company is still small and the owners still work in other jobs. They are also very community minded and donate part of the profits to upstart artists, musicians and the like.

The C4 tasted a lot like the Rot blend, just a bit more acidic and a bit more bitter. There was slightly less taste to it. Still the hint of chocolate and caramel.

It gave me quite a kick though. It was as much of a kick as the Death Wish Coffee but with a great deal more taste to it.

The coffee is made per order on a Monday, packaged on a Tuesday then mailed out on a Wednesday. Depending on where you are in Canada it takes the standard 3 to 8 days to get to you. I am not far from them (Moose Jaw) so it only took 3 days.

I don't know about international orders, but it's quite simple and fast in Canada. Check them out on Facebook for news and discounts now and then. I highly recommend the product.

As for price it's not as high as you would expect. For the quality of product and the outstanding level of freshness, you are getting a deal.

BTW they have shirts if you become a super fan of the coffee. The logo is actually quite cool.


  1. sounds delicious Dave! This is Jonathan Holeton btw :) Awesome of you to do a review of them, hope they see you're marketing them. I know for a fact they would be very grateful to you and treat you well my friend. =)

    1. After I review the last one I might send them the links on messenger. See how they like them.

  2. Hey Dave great review! Thank you for creating this. We love getting feedback from our customers because it helps us understand what our customers really want so we can create the best customer experience possible. Our customers are #1, if you are not happy we are not happy.

    Mugs up, Cheers!

    Dustin Blanchard
    Rampage Coffee Co.


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