This is me about to be rained on in Regina waiting for a ride. I stood under a tree to keep dry. It was the last appointment for the skin doctor. She seems to have done the job. I will most likely need 1 more tube of cream to clear it all up, but other then that it seems to be going away. I'm talking about my tattoo gone wrong. Most of the redness is clearing up and the itching is gone now. With luck it will go away for good. There is no saving the tattoo of course, it's screwed as the ink was also low quality. I got a serious infection from the bad ink and then my skin regected most of it. The other tattoo on the inside of the arm is about screwed as well, the ink is coming out of it as well. So yeah, she used crappy ink. I've had all the colours used before in the past, and there was no issues at all. So oh well - waste of money and a constant reminder of how bad things went.

 Poor Pusheen is TOAST.
But it used to be very red and puffy and itchy, so it's much better now.
This looks better on camera than in real life. It's quite light in the middle and keeps getting slowly worse.


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