Here is an interesting one. I use this to try and clear up a reaction I had to contaminated inc in a tattoo I got. Well, the tattoo is TOAST, but that's not what I want to talk about.

I originally got a scrip for a small amount of this stuff. The original tube was 1/6 the size of this one. The price difference of this was $5 between the small and large tube. I find that interesting and it shows you just how much you get screwed by the drug companies.

It's not the only thing of course, a lot of products the small size is lot more money per volume. The strange thing is now that people have realized that, now and then you will get a large size that is more money per volume than the smaller size. You really have to look and see.

When I get toilet paper for example I price it out per unit (roll) and see if the on sale one is the best deal and now and then it's not.

I've also noticed a lot of stores will up the price of something 15% 2 or 3 weeks before a sale then put it on for 10% off. This used to be regular practice for the one store in town. The best part is the sales staff would never admit it - but for us that kept track, it was obvious.


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