OK I got this off Amazon the other day and have tried it several times now. I am liking how it's working. I have used the original for a long time and it always worked for me. The Advanced seems to be working even better.

I however don't like the smell of this stuff. The original was not as noticeable. This has a citric smell to it not just the small of the Camphor and the Menthol. I am sure it's to hide the smell of Camphor which is not that great, but I don't like it. I will however put up with the smell because it does the job.

I am resistant to most over the counter pain meds and narcotic pain meds to an extreme when it comes to pain relief. For the most part nothing works well for me. So it's nice that this will work on my back and neck or knees when I need it.

I still don't get how this stuff works localized like it does. To me it makes no sense, I just know it does work. You would think it would get into the blood system and distribute, but it seems to just work on the spot. How it gets to the muscle I will never know - being I'm rather plus sized, it makes even less sense to me. But as long as it does the job - I'll use it.

I'm going to give this an 8/10 and the original a 6/10. A product called "Heat" worked the best for me, but it's no longer sold in Canada - That stuff was a 10/10 but dang it stunk.


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