Finally figured out this bean thing. The thing I read said to bring to a boil then soak for four hours and cook for two hours on high in slow cooker. NOPE.

So I soaked them for twenty four hours and cooked them for three hours on high in the slow cooker. I then tossed in the corn and cooked 1 more hour.

Well Next time I will soak for twenty four hours, cook for two hours on high in the slow cooker and add the veggies (I had corn open so used it) then cook 1 more hour. As is it's slightly overcooked. 1 hour less will leave a bit of the sauce left intact and not soaked up by the beans.

So next run to the store I may just get the dried beans to save money. After all food keeps going up this last while and when you live on very little money, you need to do what you can to save some.

Will be sticking to one large can of stewed tomatoes and one large can of crushed tomatoes for the cooking however. This batch has a smaller can of tomato sauce and a smaller can of tomatoes with garlic and herbs. It's all I could get in bulk at the time and I can't go get them literally every day - so I did this. Thankfully I can get my normal tomatoes in bulk again and do a months worth of shopping at a time.

Soon I'll be done the corn and into the peas and carrots. I get frozen as fresh veggies are WAY the hell more than I can afford ever. I should be good for food more more than the rest of next month. So it's all good.


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