OK all ready to go with the supplies. From now on I'm keeping a 2 week supply of food on hand in case things go to hell on me. This meant some re-organizing in the pantry. But it all fit. Going to use then DANG dried beans last. So much work. Got to soak them for 12 hours then cook them longer than normal. Or maybe I'll just start using them with the next batch of bean mix I do up. 2 cups of these things makes 4 days of beans - but as I said, takes 2 days to make LOL. As well I've mixed in crushed tomatoes with the stewed ones. I like the bit of onion in the stewed tomatoes. I've also got to use up the stash of smaller cans I had to get last time. I should be set until then end of May and maybe a bit after that. Half way threw May I'll get another months worth.

On a side note I see people are STILL over shopping and the lines in the SuperStore are extremely long. I do pickup and people are using it a LOT, so you have to plan 2 weeks ahead to get a slot.


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