See this is why I have Prime. I need black printer ink. I like to get the XL cartridges as they last 3x as long on average. Way better deal per volume (price per unit). So difference between Amazon and MyPrinterShop is $3. Shipping on MyPrinterShop is $5. With prime it's free. So it's a slightly better deal for the same quality of ink.

I also LOVE a lot of the Prime original shows. I have a bunch in my watch list. I kind of with I could make more than one list like I can on Netflix however. I would have one for movies and one for shows and a 3rd for "binge nights". The binge nights one I load up in advance with 3 to 6 movies and I watch them all in a row.

I order about 3 things a month from Amazon. The price of Prime is less than the shipping on the 3 items, and I get to watch some great shows and movies. In this case a slightly more expensive item is actually a bit less in the end if you count the free shipping.

going to drop about $50 tonight after my credit card payment clears and I have room on my card. I'll be getting the ink and some VERY hot sauce. It's a reaper sauce. It looks like for reaper it's not super hot, but it's hot. I looked it up and it said 440,000 scoville. I've had much hotter sauce then this. It will however last a long time as you really don't need much to make it spicy as hell. I also don't make many spicy meals these days.

There is a couple other hot sauces on the list, but I'm not getting them this month. I want some room on the card for "cheat night". I'll be getting either ice cream on Fridays or 2 or 3 bags of chips. The chips are not as big as name brand so I get 3 instead of 2 most times. This lasts an evening of movie watching. The ice cream however dies a quick death.

I used to get pizza on cheat night, but I am trying very hard to keep away from that practice, in order to save money and reduce the calories. A pizza is massively more calories than a small thing of ice cream or some chips.

Anyway, the coffee I had in my list has vanished and I do NOT remember what it was. I don't know if someone nice ordered it for me, or it just vanished from the store. I've had that happen, someone on the list no longer for sale and poof it's gone.

I believe someone ordered the coffee maker I had in the list and I'm keeping an eye on my mail box. They ordered some coffee I had on the list and it already came. But now and then things take different times to get here. Also it seems packages come late in the after noon in the post and the mail comes at about 10am. Don't know why, but it's how it is.

In any event, I got paid early this month so I can get things sooner than normal. For now I'm printing my notes in color instead of black. The color cart is always a LOT longer lasting as I mostly print black.

Have a good day and keep smiling.


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