I'm very thankful that someone got the 2 things I used to have on my wish-list. One was some coffee I really wanted and it showed up in the mail yesterday. It had a note that said "I accidentally deleted the coffee maker, please re-add it". Well I added the coffee maker back in and it showed "have 1 need 2", this means it's been purchased and on it's way. I don't know if the same nice person got that, or some other nice person decided to get something off my list at the same time, but I'm truly grateful for this.

At this moment there is one more kind of coffee in the list and 3 kinds of hot sauce. When I get my next GST I may get some if not all the items. I am trying to vanquish my credit card debt I been living on. I'm trying hard to reduce my for me expenses to get it paid down. If I am good and keep it to $10 or less a week for "me money" then I should get it paid off in a few months (maybe 5 or 6).

In any event, I'm doing some fractals today as normal. I'm also listening to "The Dead South" - a band out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - my home town. Well I was born there and spent 11 months there before being adopted and moved to Moose Jaw with my parents. I don't get up there much, but I remember seeing them in a club the one time when they where a relatively new band.

I am also a BIG fan of B.C. Read from Saskatoon. He is one of the best blues players to come out of Canada, and decently the best to come out of Saskatoon. There has been a great deal of good county acts and artists come out of Saskatchewan, but not so many blues acts. We do however have our share of Jazz bands for one reason or the other.


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