People in my building are not getting the stay in your apartment thing at all. There are several who are visiting people they know in the building multiple times a day. They also seem to be going someplace in their cars almost every day. You should be shopping for  a week or 2 or like me for a month, not picking things up every day. As well I know one is babysitting - that is a big no-no. I saw the cops leading a woman into the building the other day on the security camera. Not one clue what that was about, but they are not putting up with people wandering around with no place to go that is essential. I've had a couple of people walk up close to me and start talking. I don't like that at all. There is the one guy who is coughing a LOT who keeps wondering all over the place all day. Several times a day I head him go down the hall and get in the elevator. The is not covering his moth at all even. It will be a freaking miracle if I don't end up getting sick. With my health it might just hit me very hard - so I'm trying my best to stay the hell away from people and keep myself clean after going out my door.


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