Well week 15 did not go well. I honest to GOD had a 14 inch 6 topping pizza with double cheese and RANCH DRESSING instead of pizza sauce. The week before I consumed a 60oz bottle of whiskey in 4 days, then this Tuesday a 26 (I'm not a drunk really, I just been foolish as hell). As well when I went for Tylenol I got a think of ice creme and eat it ALL. So yeah I been kind of a dumb ass, so really no shock at this weight gain.

Up 2.6 lbs to 394 lbs (178.7 kg)
+1.2 lbs this term (sigh I was down 22 at one point)
-104 lbs from my heaviest recorded weight.
5 weeks up
2 weeks the same
8 weeks down (the ups are always more than the down)

Oh I also eat 10 jumbo hotdogs in 4 hours while watching movies. Top this off with the inability to go for a walk for weeks on end and you get an atrocity.


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