Sex and Violence • Scissor Sisters
Rough Sex • Lords of Acid
Sex.VioIence.GirIs.Paint • A
Rough Sex • StreetLife Montre
Bright Red Violent Sex • Bobaflex
Sex and Violence • The Exploited
Sex, Drugs & Violence • Green Day
Rough Sex • Shawn Boss
Violent Sex Change • Dethcentrik
Sex&Violence • Torso
Sex and Violence • Endorphin
Rough Sex • a Pop Peso
Violent Sex w/Gas Station Condoms • Birds Of India
Violent Pornography • System Of A Down
Porno and Snuff Films • The Lawrence Arms
Snuff Film • Trampito
Abduction Torture Snuff Porn • Basement Torture Killings
Snuff Film At Eleven • Pig Destroyer
Sex Tape • Bongripper
Drawer Full of Porn • The Bob Gordons
Snuff Film • Dislocated Boner
Your Blood, My Chalice • Kill the Spirit
Smack My Bitch Up • Prodigy
Cake And Sodomy • Marilyn Manson
Meathook Sodomy • Cannibal Corpse


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