Forgotten Places And Hope This Will End Soon - 2 Poems

Forgotten Places
David S. Nicholson
April 18, 2020

Silent, empty, forgotten places.
Echoes in the mind of primitive times.
Holly waters run deep.
Whispers from the mother of all things.
A glimpse of being together once more.
Warmth of the fire that guides us.
Walking the sands of forever in a body that is temporary.
We have always known each other.
Bird on wing.
Fish in water.
Sprite in the fire light.
Feet on the dirt.
Spirit in eternity.
We are the universe.
We are the angels.
We are the demons.
Flight of the souls hand in hand.

Hope This Will End Soon
David s. Nicholson
April 19, 2020

Sitting with my coffee.
Thinking of things to create.
Wanting to be with my friends.
I have no family.
Remembering nights by the fire.
We used to play cards all afternoon.
Coffee at the truck stop for hours.
A time alone makes me sad.
Praying for them to be alright.
Hope this will end soon.


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