Given to me by a friend on Monday.
 Given to me by a friend on Monday.
 Given to me by a friend on Monday along with a bag of Salt 'N' Vinegar.
 Got this yesterday (Tuesday) drank a good deal of it that day and night then finished it just now. Also on Friday I spent from 4pm to 2am hitting on a 26 of Five Star. Yeah I know - step the feck away from the wiskey.
 6 Beef Tacos with extra hot sauce and a deep fried pocket of Boston Cream (Tuesday).
Tater Tot Poutine (Tuesday).

Not shown - Sunday, a 12 inch 2 topping pizza with double cheese, 10 hot wings, cheese bread, 6 piece cookie brownie. Today (Wednesday) a 14 inch 5 topping pizza with triple cheese.

Well I've spent most of the stimulus money on this stuff, so can't really afford to be bad now for the rest of the month. Rather expect to be up about 10 lbs tomorrow when I weigh myself. Might be a delayed effect of some of this that will end up a bit up next week. God it was a good ride, but fecking hell Dave WTF.

See this is the constant lack of control I been struggling with for almost 2 years now and why I'm up like 40 lbs from my lowest in the last 5 years. I did SO well the first and second year then POOF fell flat. I do actually understand it's making my pain worse and I do understand it's shortening my life. But here we are, impulse control issues from hell.


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