Royals • OTEP
Black Wedding (feat. Rob Halford) • In This Moment
Equal Rights, Equal Lefts • OTEP
Sick Like Me • In This Moment
R.I.O.T. • Krashkarma
Legend • Attila
Dragula • Rob Zombie
Down With the Sickness • Disturbed
Big Bad Wolf • In This Moment
Worlds on Fire • Skindred
Whore • In This Moment
Crooked Spoons • Otep
Save Yourself • Stabbing Westword
NOTHING MORE • Stabbing Westward
Blood • In This Moment
Ripping Me Apart • Nothing More
Girl with a Hammer • Krashkarma
Ghostflowers • otep
Bones • In This Moment
Do You Think I'm a Whore? • Kittie
Where The Dead Ships Dwell • In Flames
House Of Secrets • OTEP
Burn • In This Moment
My Confession • OTEP
Texas • Primer 55
Slept so Long • Jay Gordon


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