Someone has been more than a little nice to me this last while and got a bunch of coffee I had in my wish list from Amazon. So I figured I'd share some of it with a friend who is shut in right now. I can get it to him easy enough.

My friend is very disabled right now and can't even walk at all. So he needs help and is thankfully getting help from his other friend.

The person that sent me the coffee noted in the last order that they made a mistake in trying to order me a coffee maker on my list and hit "buy somewhere else" and it deleted it from my list. So I've added it back on. I will be wanting to get it in a bit anyway. I just need to wait till July to have extra money so I can order it.

Right now I'm down funds as I had to order ink for the printer and treated myself to some VERY hot sauce (440,000 scoville). A little will go a long way with that stuff - it's a reaper sauce and I'll review it when I get it. Will do the stupid person taste test with some raw product in a spoon.

In any event, this is how I got all the coffee I have reviewed the last while. I've also got 2 full cans of coffee (large enough for a month), 2 bags of hole bean coffee and 1/3 of a bag of the stuff in the photo and another bag I will be getting to when I'm done a bunch of other stuff.

You all have a fabulous day now and keep safe.


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