Note that it does not say it's been flagged. So the bots did not like it. The thing is it's still up on the page of several other people and gone on others. Like normal it's literally random who gets dinged on Facebook.

Hell a celebrity had this up AND faking being on a Lysal I.V. drip - no action against the celeb of course.

To think someone is going to see one of these posts by literally millions of people and then think, "I'm going to drink a cup of Clorox" is absurd.

Lets put it this way, you can't stop stupid people from listening to a politician on the TV saying disinfectants can kill the virus, and then suggest injecting it - and the morons going out and doing it. I'm kind of sure there is a 25000 X worse chance of his moronic words harming people. After all, it's literally happened where a large number of people in another country took a medication that freaking killed them because this orange buffoon said it works.

I don't want to seem harsh here. I literally don't want stupid people to hurt themselves because some moron thinks the absurd is the answer to a virus. The thing is, me posting a MEME and maybe 100 people tops seeing it is not going to kill anyone. The reality is I don't have one person seeing my feed who is clinically dumb enough to do this. Yet a celeb with millions of followers is allowed to post this kind of thing and no action will ever be taken.

It seems to me that FB is trying to say "look we are doing something" and at the same time ignoring massive amounts of scam ads on their service and letting big names do what ever they want. If I was to post this as a paid advertisement, it would be shared all over FB and nothing would happen to kill it.


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