¤ Worry and woe as we look to the not too far off future.
¤ Sitting home watching all that stuff in our watch list.
¤ Wondering if we will still have enough food in a couple months.
¤ Wash your hands for the 7th time today.
¤ The pizza man leaves it outside your door then runs away.
¤ More than a week for a pickup slop for groceries if at all.
¤ Wondering why the hell there is so much traffic.
¤ Dude step the hell away from me.
¤ That mask just makes you feel better, unless you have money for a good one.
¤ Is this my allergies or do I need to call the doctor?
¤ We are probably all going to be sick, I just hope I don’t die.
¤ I want to sit in the park and watch people go by, but the park is closed.
¤ I want to play cards with friends, but we can’t see each other in person.
¤ There is so many people ignoring reality or going totally crazy with it all.
¤ Good God I am glad I have toilet paper.
¤ Why the hell are some people still buying 10 times more than they need?
¤ What will happen to my friends who no longer have a job when this is over?
¤ What about that cafe I liked so much; will it survive?
¤ I want people to be OK, but I know it won’t be so in every case.
¤ All these masks on Amazon ship from China and the post won’t let them in Canada.
¤ Why the fuck did we not plan for this after SARS?
¤ Is my disability going to be messed with?
¤ Someone I care about needs help, but they can’t get it right now.
¤ Honest to God I wish it would just happen so it will be over with.
¤ How the hell will I vlog if I’m on a ventilator?
¤ Will this be over by July like they hinted at?
¤ I fear using the laundry room, it’s the most likely point of infection.
¤ God, I hope they left a chair in the laundry room, I don’t want to leave my stuff alone.
¤ Ya know, if I had a lot of money, I think I’d just stay drunk till it’s over.
¤ I want a hug, but it’s dangerous now.
¤ Why are people dumping pets?
¤ What happens when we can’t pick the crops?
¤ I’m down to my last set of clean clothing and that freaking laundry room is bothering me.
¤ Everyone I see is either in my space or scared to death I’m in the same room as them.
¤ God, I just want to eat cheesecake until I puke right now.
¤ Shit, I wish I had a cat.
¤ Would it be rude to ask the nurse to post a photo of me on my Instagram if I die?
¤ I guess I’ll watch some more horror movies and hold my stuffed cat for comfort.
¤ What happens when people become mentally unbalanced right now?
¤ We can’t even go to church.
¤ $290 for 3 months is not a lot considering my food bill is 40% more this last while.
¤ I really miss going for coffee with my friends.
¤ Do they know I literally don’t care what they do with my body?
¤ I really need to drink more water.
¤ My fibromyalgia is being messed with from the extra stress.
¤ I’m rather more sad than normal.

P.S. none of these are meant to be funny all though they come off that way.


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