If you have, take a drink 🍺

🍺 taken credit for something I didn't do
🍺 taken blame for something I didn't do
🍺 spied on my neighbours
 stalked someone
🍺 stole something worth more than £10($13)
🍺 bet something of value
🍺 lied to someone to protect them
🍺 lied to someone for a bad reason
🍺 lied about where I am/was
🍺 grabbed the wrong person’s hand
 gotten in the wrong car
🍺 been stuck in an elevator/lift
🍺 finished an entire jawbreaker
 really liked a song by Justin Bieber
 done a handstand
🍺 used the bathroom without washing my hands
🍺 eaten food that fell on the floor
🍺 been in a play or talent show
 cheated on a test
🍺 stuck gum under a desk
🍺 skipped class for no reason
🍺 snuck into a party
🍺 crashed an event
🍺 traveled by plane
 traveled by ship
🍺 fallen asleep in public
🍺 been naked in public
🍺 had sex in public
🍺 picked my nose in public
🍺 physically fought someone in public
🍺 verbally fought someone in public
🍺 punched a stranger
🍺 punched someone I cared about
🍺 made fun of someone
🍺 gotten drunk
🍺 done something stupid while drunk
🍺 done something dangerous while drunk
🍺 done something dangerous while sober
🍺 driven drunk
🍺 been kicked out of a bar
🍺 lied about drinking/doing drugs
🍺 smoked marijuana
🍺 done drugs/pills
🍺 illegally taken something across the border
 been in handcuffs (nonsexually)
🍺 been robbed
🍺 been mugged (Half Points - I beat the shit out of him)
🍺 done something I still regret
🍺 not done something that I still regret

Score 42 - I'm basically dead LOL.


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