Well I'm in the most pain I've been in since I started the hemp oil. This is like a 7 wavering up to an 8 at times. I can in fact, barely funtion today.

It started last night and has worsened over night. The pain is very bad and I have no gummies and no money for them. I'm literally on my last $3 in the bank - and that is the overdraft part.

Yes it's 75% my fault I'm on the overdraft that much, so I have no one to blame for this. I hope to God next month I can square away with the money and be back to normal after so many months.

But yes, the pain is terrible. It's a full on flair with all the things that can happen happening. I have the massive headache, brain fog, my entire body hurts (every inch of it), I'm covered in itchy, I am hot but my hands and feet are freezing cold, my tummy is very upset. The list goes on, but you get it - it sucks.

This will end sooner or later, but for now and maybe for several days, I will be in hell and will have to stay in unless I very much need to go out.

The one thing that bothers it is being too hot or too cold. So summer is hell and winter is hell for going out. But summer is better as it only bothers it a little to be hot - being cold bothers it a lot.

In any event, I'm going to make coffee and lay down while it brews. As Andy says "I hope yours is better than mine".


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