So should do well enough if I don't get silly. I was going to get an android box but that would leave me with only $13 or so to play with if I need something.

So the android box will wait until April when I have extra money from the GST rebate.

I hope to God I don't have unexpected expenses this next month like I have had the last 5 months in a row. Sigh. Good thing for the overdraft I can use.

Might actually end up having a couple of drinks with a friend this next month. We will see how it goes. Nothing much, just a couple of them. Or maybe get a cheep 26 and share it - then we will get more bang for the buck. That would be like $30 off the pile - but it's only a maybe.

I'm also hoping that the stuff I need to order goes on sale when I need to order it (food shopping). Then I'll have slightly more money left over.

In any event, aren't you glad your not me?


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