Christian Logic

The cure for the black death was to scrape the sores to rid the body of infection before it got into the blood system. Well this was considered to be against the will of God because it came out of the middle east. Turns out that in the BIBLE it mentions this practice in the book of Job. Job literally used a broken clam shell to scrape his sores.

So not only does religion often ignore reality and science - it often ignores it's own book. For example what they are trying to do in the USA with this wall crap - it's against the teachings of the bible where it says to protect the vulnerable.

Also modern Christians tend to think wealth is a gift from God and if you are not "blessed with wealth" you have sin in your life. The bible says "it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God'.

Side note: The eye of the needle is a pass in the mountains that is so narrow you had to unload the camels and lead them through and then load them back up with the goods.

Then again the bible says we are all sinners for wearing clothing with more than one fabric in it - so ya know.

But - there is a good argument to religion being a defining source of law and a foundation of civilization and the social rules we follow to this day. Thanks for that and all, but I'd like to be able to practice candle magic without being condemned to death for it - or at the very least told I'm going to be tortured for all of eternity with no end ever, because I don't agree with your magic book.

Random Dave Note: I spent about a decade being a Southern Baptist in the only SBC church in Canada at the time. This was seriously damaging to me in many ways - the most of being denying who I am and wanting God to "fix me".


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