So coffee went well yesterday. It was a Wednesday instead of the Thursday. We had a great conversation with the exception of an incredulous assertion that someone had the worst job ever.

My one friend and I had to end it short though as both of us where getting very tired and I was starting to be in pain (later it would be a lot of pain). So we went home.

It's a crap shoot if we get sat in a place that is easy to get into. Some times we get sat in a part of the restaurant that is very cramped and if there are others at the other tables, then it's almost impossible for me to get into a seat. They literally should never have had the seating there so close together - it's unreasonable for most people.

But at least the strange thing with the background music in our normal spot did not happen there. See now and then in our usual place, the background music will be loud at times and not at other times. It seems to only happen in that spot.

But we enjoyed ourselves and I got some free chicken given to me by my friend. We came to my place and dropped it off before we went to the mall for coffee.

I don't actually like being at the mall, but the other places that will actually give us cup after cup of coffee tend to be, well, hard to sit in for some of us or almost impossible to park near.

Being most of us are disabled and can't really walk 2 blocks from a parking spot, we end up at the mall. It's the way it goes. Other places I go to with other people, tend to be slow to get us coffee and at times, there is no second cup.

But I enjoy the hell out of going out for coffee and will even do so when I'm in pain - just so I get out of here and am with my friends.

I have to say, there are a lot of people online that I would love to go for coffee with some day. The likelihood of this happening is about nil though. So there is Facebook and MeWe and Twitter to talk to the online friends with.


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