I know, I was foolish this month. I was set to be slightly ahead of the game this month if I stayed on plan. Then came a sale at Walmart and I ordered 3 pair of sweat pants for half price.

Well that put my like $15 on the overdraft instead of a bit ahead of the game. But it gets worse...

I decided to have a pig out because it was Pusheen the cat's birthday and I freaking love Pusheen. So I ordered pizza, wings and garlic cheese fingers.

To top it off, I forgot I can't eat garlic. Good thing it won't kill me or I'd be toast. But for the next 2 days my tummy will burn and I'll been acid reflux often the entire time.

Now I'm like $47 in the hole. OK I will be $47 in the hole at the end of the month - I'm counting going for coffee 3 more times before I get paid.

This also means no pizza on Thursday as I over did it and need to compensate for it next week. Yup I'll probably be up in weight this week.

Thing is, I should have actually been up like $45 or $50, as I had money given to me. This is on top of being $98 in the hole last month. But I needed to help someone and the sweat pants on sale and a couple of other things and POOF the extra money turns into a slight debt - then I got stupid and made it worse.

Oh well, I'll live. My needs are met and if I don't have too much fun next month I should be able to get out of the hole. I was smart and left some of the money in PayPal to help pay my subscription services next month. So at least there is that.

Also after I get my medication for next month, I'll end up with $30 in airmiles. If I hold off and don't use them until the month after that, I'll have $40 or $50 in airmiles depending on how many extra miles I make next month.

So in the long run I should be fine. Come GST time there is my subscription to the hemp oil I get that will be $30 or less (price fluctuates) and I want to get a fire stick for my TV so I can watch Prime Video. I don't have a smart TV you see. Also the Netflix app on my cable box is rather a piece of work... Sigh.

I don't as of yet need or want anything else - so by April I should be fine again - and with luck will stay that way.

It was a combination of things blowing up all at once a couple of months ago and me wanting a few things that where a bit expensive that ended me in the hole. But back on track we go.

Anyway, have a great day, and if you have done something silly with money this last while - let me know in the comments.


  1. Money, you can't take it with you.

    1. Nope and being I will NEVER have a safety net no matter how much I try, I mite as well live now and then :)


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