Aurora Sushi Chinese & Japanese Restaurant Review

Well I've ordered delivery from them 2 times and both times I got the 16 piece sushi combo. The first time I got it, it was great and tasted very fresh. I've also had the smaller sashimi plate, and it was very fresh tasting as well - they did have to substitute on the last one as something was out of season and that was perfectly fine. I enjoyed both of them very much so.

No it did not come this way, it came in 2 separate platters in the delivery. This includes the following items: "2 piece Salmon, 2 piece White Tuna, 2 piece Crab, 2 piece Snapper, 2 piece Spicy Salmon, 3 piece California Roll, 3 piece Dynamite roll, and 6 piece Avocado Roll". The Avocado roll was an ad-on item to the combo platter.

Unlike the first time, the sushi was not so fresh. The rice was tough to chew and had most likely sat too long before being used. It was very much in the proper temperature range though, so that's a plus. It tasted quite good, but the chewy and somewhat hard rice made the meal disappointing. But do remember, the first time I had the same combo, it was perfect and I loved it.

I am however quite certain these are pre-made rolls they get in off a truck. I have to say I know someone who delivers them for a living and he told me "they all get them delivered", so I'm not shocked.

This is the Caesar Salad. You will notice it's not romaine lettuce, instead it's iceberg. Sadly a lot of places in Moose Jaw tend to do this and call it a Caesar Salad when in reality it's NOT. If you are going to say it's a Caesar make it properly. This is my biggest qualm for salads in this town. The proper dressing was on it though, i'll give them that.

But what the actual heck is this jello doing in there? I'm literally baffled by this. Not once in my life have I seen jello on a salad unless it was a 5 year old doing the buffet by themselves (kids to strange stuff with food at a buffet). I've been a cook in the past, in fact I did it for a living for several years in several places, and I've never been once told to put jello in the freaking salad. I guess it's a desert salad?

I must admit, the taste of the jello in there did NOT suck, it was just so darn strange I can't get over it and will probably dream about this for years to come.

So to sum it up, my first two tries of this place where very good and I enjoyed it 100%. This 3rd try at them made me very disappointed because of the state of the rice. It was literally the quality of getting it at Safeway in the Deli. For the price of the product I'm very much expecting it to be a lot more fresh than this, even though I realize it comes in a box. And the jello thing will be with me as long as I live.

Maybe it was a bad day or something, but when you pay $24.29 for this and the delivery was free, you expect it to be quality food.

If you have eaten there and want to share, please do so in the comments below. I'm interested to see others view of this place.


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