Will be interesting to see how many views this blog gets after Google+ shuts down in a couple months. From last time I checked most of my traffic came from there.

The thing is though, I like to post my blogs and am not interested in the numbers. I'm sure as hell not in it for the interaction - LOL - there is almost no interaction.

G+ Comments will vanish as well, so some of the very little commenting will go away. Will be interesting to see what the number one source of traffic is after the change. I do have a few people that read the blog from email subscription and a couple that just come and check it out now and then. So the core group will still be here. Just a lot less views I think.

In any event, will be interesting to see how it changes. I know a couple people who are in the upper 90% range for views off of G+ for them at best they will be getting 2 or 3 views per post on their blog. But, like me, they don't care about the numbers more than expressing their thoughts.


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