I freaking love music. I also freaking love YouTube music. They have auto generated playlists that are WAY better then other services - hell they are better than the "hand picked" playlists over on Amazon Music in my mind.

I literally listen to music most nights well into the wee hours of the morning. I'll sit there in my chair with the headphones on and just let it play. Now and then searching something specific - YT music generally has GREAT related songs to what you looked up.

Ya know for how many times I've talked about loving this service, I should get 6 months free by now LOL.

But yes, I am all over the place with music. There is literally nothing I hate so much I won't try it to see if I like it. I can listen to acid jazz, country, classical, hard rock, death metal and electro all in the same night.

I've also got my friends albums saved in the favorites. I have a few playlists I have generated myself, but I almost never listen to them, instead choosing to look up specific songs in the category.

I have monitored the app usage on my phone in the past and came to find I am on YT music for on average 18 hours a week - that's a LOT. That's like 2.5 hours or so a day. Being that I'll be too tired some nights - it's more like 3 or so hours a day.

This does not count all the stuff on YouTube that I am subscribed to and will save in my watch later list to listen to a couple of times a week. I have to get on that today BTW as there are 22 songs in there right now.

Music is my 2nd best pleasure, coffee being in the #1 spot. #3 has to be the 4 episodes of classic Trek every week day on Space channel. I know what your thinking (I'm looking at you Brian), but that is relatively low on my pleasures list these days LOL.

BTW I sing along to the music (softly) and well, I SUCK at singing but I do it anyway.


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