Well my cat made me do it. Being that my cat is actually a stuffed toy modeled after a cartoon cat, this is even more difficult to believe I'm sure. LOL

So this is Pusheen the cat's birthday today. The eternally young kitty marks another year in existence. Being I love Pusheen, I had to be irresponsible and order a pizza to celebrate her day.

So I order it... and 10 winds... and some garlic cheese sicks. I honestly forgot that garlic made me sick. BTW kitty should never eat garlic or chocolate. Remember that.

So now the diet is blow for this week as well. After all I had pizza on Tuesday as well. I'll get to the money issue in the next blog BTW. But the diet is totaled for the week. I also had some candy this week so far. I know there is several days till I weigh in, but the damage is done.

My tummy is on fire from the garlic and I am over fed and later will eat the rest of the pizza. But it was freaking worth it dang it. I pretended Pusheen was having a slice of the pizza and it was fun. Yes, I am actually 52, not 5... that is irrelevant, it was fun dang it.

I forget if Stormy or Pip is the next birthday to do, but I'm kind of sure I won't make such a mistake of so much food next time. This was literally a big mistake, not only for the diet, but dang I'm over full. I'll also regret the garlic for 2 days as I always do.

In the end though, I had fun watching Star Trek and pigging out with my stuffed toys. I do assure you I'm not damaged, I'll just never grow the hell up. If I had a real cat, the poor thing would probably be fat and lazy as I'd go out of my way to make it happy 24 hours a day.

Anyway, next up is a friends birthday and I have to save money for that... Or TRY to save money for that. I think we are doing a brunch for that one. I have no idea where as there needs to be vegetarian options for this one. My other friend will figure it out I'm sure.

Keep smiling and live now and then.


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