So this is the thing I got myself this month. It's freaking gorgeous. However, the chain that came with it is for a child I think - it won't even go around my neck. The chain I have on it right now is not strong enough for me to want to wear it under a jacket for fear the chain will break and I'll lost it.

It was only $11.75 so I'm kind of sure non ethical labor was involved in making it. That or it is stamped out by a machine and there is nothing to worry about - I prefer to delude myself into thinking it was the machine.

I forgot to take a photo of the one I got for a friend. Hers is not as big as this, but it's quite nice as well. It's a solid medallion with a Celtic pentagram in gold with green leaves around it and a black cat in the center of it. She loved by the way.

I need a better chain or a leather tie for it. Will see what I can come up with. A friend says she has a nice silver chain that is strong enough and of the proper size to have it hang low on my chest like I desire it to be.

BTW it got here overnight. I'm freaking impressed. Was expecting it to show up on Monday. It was sent out on Thursday. For once the "2 day shipping" was not "4 days". I'm telling you, they lie to you in Canada about that. It's often 4 days. In fact, this is the first time it's been 2 days EVER.

In any event, I love it and it will be with me when I go out after I get a proper chain or cord for it.


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