This is the over sized chicken I got from a friend. Her friends raise these big birds - I've got no idea the name of the chicken it is, but they are very big. They also grow fast I'm told.

One drum stick fed me for the evening and the other went in the fridge. I had them with some veggies and sliced tomato. It was good and not too much food.

The taste of them is not to be matched in store. They are free range and are just very yummy. So I enjoyed the hell out of them. I'll have to look into getting more of this from her friends - if the price is right. I prefer breast meat though.

I also did have 2 large breasts with this batch. That was cut up and cooked with veggies, spice, herbs and caned tomatoes. They fed me 3 times as a meal by it's self. If I had more veggies in the mix it would have made 4 times.


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