After I mentioned in my blog that views will be reduced when G+ dies, the views went down by 15%. Now I don't get many views at all really, but just love doing the blog. I'm figuring my obsessed little "fan" is to blame.

See I have a tracker on the blog that is hidden - only I can see it (no link to click or counter). around %15 to %20 of views on any given week where by the same person.

People who know about Princess will know just how obsessive he/she/it is. So yeah. There was for a very long time an instant hit on the blog by this IP. I'm talking within a second of posting - So I think he/she/it has turned off their bot so not to run up the numbers any more. As to why he/she/it was trying to run up the view count, you guess is as good as mine.

As well there is a person in Town (I know who it is) that will once a month go threw a large amount of posts, mostly new ones - but they will also go to several very old posts (they ALWAYS do).

In any event, I'm sure it will go back to normal sooner or latter, this persons obsessive nature of reading the posts over and over trying to perhaps find a "hidden message" or whatever will kick back in. Heck maybe it's every one of their personalities reading the post - perhaps they are ALL obsessed with me LOL.


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