So this is Stormy, Pusheens sister. Well normally it faces west directly. Today I came to the computer to do some renders and she was turned a little.

See I think there is a ghost in here. Most of the time when some of the toys is moved I have seen a blue flash of light in my bedroom the night before - but not always.

It's only the Pusheen stuffies and the Stormy one that move so far. Stormy seems to be the ghosts favorite. One of the toys will be rotated or laying face down in the morning.

See I have a thing about them being in the same spot and facing the same way all the time. The only one that I move often is the one by my bed.

So it's an interesting mystery. It always happens while I sleep and most of the time there is that blue flash of light in the corner of my bed room. Well at least it's not dropping objects on me, there is that I guess.


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