And Remember To Watch The Sun Come Up

Rains falls softly on a dark street.
A couple walks their way from a late dinner.
Sounds of the city softly enter their ears.
Alone in the night and together as one.
The rain is replaced with a light fog.
Their pace slows a little to enjoy the moment.
A car runs out and startles them both.
A moment of nervous laughter.
Rounding the corner, a teen with a hoody on.
They couple grow quiet.
He smiles as they pass him.
Under a street light a kiss and a moment of bliss.
The fog deepens and the air is still.
A car on the road and blinding light.
A drunken old fool ends her life.
No more together from the selfish actions of an old man.
Red and blue lights but the world is silent.
He can’t hear them ask if he is ok.
The darkness has become within.
Forever a part of his life is gone.
The moment can turn at any time.
The things we know can be no more.
Live now and don’t hold on to tight.
Allow the world to come in even when all you want to a closed door.
Greave the losses and celebrate the new days.
And remember to watch the sun come up now and then.


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