And More Pusheens in the Mail

So I ordered 2 of the pastel Pusheens with the heart on them. I could not find the pink one (the 3rd in the set) from this seller and did not trust the other ones ($13 and free shipping) to be authentic. There does actually seem to be a lot of sellers on Amazon pushing bootleg toys after all and the free shipping is always a give away.

Sure I got my Pride flag and several other things from China, but they are NOT Pusheen and I don't want bootleg toys. Now these are reduced price but normally they are slight imperfections some place that you have to look very close to find. My gray one of the same size is like that and honestly I can't see why it was rejected.

Anyway I seem to have an addiction problem with Pusheen and I am running out of places to put them. These 2 will end up on the TV stand as all other places have a Pusheen or Stormy on them LOL.

Sooner or later I will find the Pink one in an affordable price from a reputable seller. To order from Gund they are over $20 US and the shipping is a killer. Being that the Canadian dollar is so low exchange is a big hit and they end up being like $40 or more each to get here. So factory rejects it is.

And hay... PUSHEEN!


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