Avira On My Phone and McAfee On My PC

This is using Avira on my phone. Just thought it was an interesting thing that it's all 2's LOL.

I have the pro version for $11.05 a year. I like it a lot and the free version works just fine if you don't care about using the browser (browser support is paid).

It will nag you to install it's VPN and app lock and a couple other things. I have also installed their cleaner as it seems to work very well. I also got the $2.49 paid version of that.

The thing with the paid version is you can have it on all your devices as long as you are using the same google account on all of them.

Avira is a German company and a LOT more trustworthy than something from Easter Europe or Russia.

I do NOT use it on my PC as my ISP gives me a free full paid version of McAffee. They are a US company and in my mind a lot more trustwoorthy than some of the "popular" ones for the Czech Republic or Russia.

In fact that one from Russia a LOT of people seem to like (after all there are great reviews all over the net) has been linked to hacking of systems including the NSA.

In any event, it's always good to have something on there. After all the windows one is kind of the worst you can get... Samsung and a couple of others have a low level security system built in but I'm kind of sure most users will never actually find it in the setting menu's...

I do have to say that the 2 I use are NOT low latency - they use a bunch of resources compared to others. BUT they are a lot more able to be trusted in my mind and the minds of most people I know - so I use them.

Have a good one and stay safe... P.S. Just don't click ANY click traps and you will be a LOT safer.


  1. I never had any trouble with the windows firewall, but i have used ESET Nod free online scan a few times to find and get rid of viruses and stuff. Windows firewall just sits there doing nothing as far as I can see. Every time I paid to get an antivirus program I have gotten bit, so I stick with free ones with a good reputation. I don't use Putin's Number One Spyware like some LOL.

    1. Kerspirsi had great reviews. Then it turned out to be a hacking tool.


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