Dining In Moose Jaw - AKA I Eat Pouting For 3 LOL

Went out for dinner yesterday. It consisted of 3 cups of coffee and a poutine the size of a small child. I really should have had the "half poutine". But I ordered the full poutine.

So after spending almost 40 minutes cramming fries with cheese curds and gravy on them into my face, I had the feeling I should have taken half of it home with me.

See some how my brain don't let me know "you should stop eating" while I'm eating. Instead it waits till after and tells me "you eat way too much". It's not a helpful brain at all you see.

This reminds me, there have been 2 separate poutine joints in town. Neither lasted that long. Got to wonder who thought they would. It's good to have on a menu, but to just have several kinds of poutine? I don't think it's that popular. I mean I love that shit and I only have it every other month.

I love the R&S Family Restaurant. The food there is awesome and the prices are low - not to mention the amount of food is way more than you should eat. I mean the poutine was literally enough to feed 3 people LOL. That and coffee was LESS than $9. Got to say the burgers there are epic as well.

Just really don't expect "fancy" - the place is populated with country folks and people off the highway. It's a real people joint, not the kind of place you dress up for. If you want that go to Hopkins - they are fancy and what not. Parking sucks, but they are some interesting things on the menu and a haunted history :)


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