Never Got a Dime Form YouTube

This is what it looks like when you literally never cared to make a penny off of YouTube EVER.

I have been "a verified partner" for years, but only to get the things that come along with that. I never thought to make money off of it.

I'm fine with people who do want to or need to make money off of YouTube, but for the trouble I would go threw to make less than $100 a year I would not bother with it. It's simply not worth babysitting my stats to make sure it's all going well.

Sure there are networks that will babysit for you but then you don't entirely own the content. As well they take a slice of the pie then instead of taking 13 months to get my $100 it would take 13 months to get $75 - screw that.

Beside it's the same mentality as with my art, I give most of it away to people. I in my entire life have mad about $350 off of art. This is over a span of more than 20 years. $150 of that was at one time LOL. See where I am going?

I do the vlogs because I like to do the vlogs and I like to talk with people in the comments and I like to watch their videos and leave them a comment. It's not about anything else at all.

But yes, if you want to partner up with a network and fight all the times YT tries to take money away from you, then go for it. If you want to not partner with one then good luck making a dime in the current situation...


  1. I feel sad for people who make a lot of money on youtube, they let their guards down and they make it their job, Youtube is already changing this gold rush will end for them and then they have nothing, no future, no retirement.


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