Windows 10 Recycling Bin Troubles

Nice to see the latest greatest version of Windows 10 has a rather massive bug in it. I had to do a HARD RESET on the system to be able to empty the recycling bin. It literally hung up and never gave me the yes or no dialog. So being that that was hung up, restart won't work or powering down won't work as there is a service NOT responding - so had to hit the power and then turn the system back on then empty the bin.

I really hope they fix this shit. The last big update fucked up the bin as well, but it would come up with the dialog after 30 or 40 seconds - I gave the fucker 10 minutes and still was hung up. I HAVE tried deleting the recycling bin folder like the tell you to do - it did not work last time or this time. It still does it...

BTW 3 big updates later the USB mic is still LOW AUDIO. They tell you shit like "update the drivers" - so 3 different devices and you think it's the drivers? Not to mention a LOT of us tried that and it did nothing or in my case told me I had the latest drivers. No... I kind of think it's Windows 10 as it works on my friends Windows 7 system.

Ya know the worst part of this recycling bin thing is some days it will work 1 time then hang up on empty #2 and other times it will give you no problems at all. There is also no commonality on what I had run before it happens (apps). So this makes no sense.

Oh yeas, I almost forgot - one forum post said "it might be a virus" - well after a wipe of the HD last time and a fresh install with NONE of my files on the drive yet, it still hung for for like 30 seconds before it gave the dialog - soooo...


  1. I have used a magic incantation in the admin command line to stop windows update. I don't want their update.

    1. Well I want the updates but holly CRAP it does some strange stuff now and then. 2 versions ago it KILLED my car reader and this version seems to have killed the USB ports for some people - that would totally suck.


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