Pull Down Menu LOL

Just because I got a LOL out of this. OK On google Drive the Trash menu has 1 item in it - why is it not just a button? Got to wonder how much useless code there is in a lot of things we use.

Windows is a GREAT example of hidden crap no one even knows is there. I'm sure a lot of extra code comes from paying people for the amount of code the produce.

The one company I was reading about several years ago payed people for every 1000 lines of code the produced. So you get a very long and complicated mess or code. Not to mention hidden goodies that are of no more use than to entertain you for 30 seconds.

In this case I'm rather sure it's just a case of copying a module and setting different strings to go with it, instead of just coding a single button.

In any event, I was amused enough to take the time to type this up.


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