Ordering Online Can Be A Pill

So big black stick in your throat thing is Hemp Oil. I don't know if it's actually working yet as I have only taken it 3 days in a row and it takes a week or 2.

Pink cool looking one is B12 (the biggest dose you can get).

Clear yellowish thing is Vitamin E 400 mg.

Hemp oil is supposed to be good for pain and is supposed to help Fibromyalgia symptoms and reduce anxiety. B12 gives you energy and helps you concentrate. E is good for joint pain and has improved my ability to walk rather a lot.

Now here is the ticket, I get them all off of Amazon.ca. The B12 and E are both about 10% more at Wally World in town than I am paying on Amazon. The Hemp Oil is only available in town from one source and is $24 and I get it on Amazon for less than $8 (same size and amount).

The weird thing is a lot of other things are actually a bit more money on Amazon that at Wally World and now and then some random store in town will be lower than both of them. This is why I always look around before I just up and order things.

The roasting pan I ordered (not shown) was $12 on Amazon and I got it with the Hemp Oil. Then after it shipped on sale it went at Wally World for $9 - sigh. This also happens now and then. LOL. But thus is life.


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