Butter Fried Chicken And Beans

OK this was and will be food for the entire day. So I browned some chicken in butter with hot sauce in it. When cooked, I tossed in some red chili powder (medium heat) and some scorpion pepper flakes (not much at all). After heating that a bit I tossed in 2 cans or pork and beans, frozen veggies and a bit of smoky BBQ sauce and finished cooking for a couple of minutes. Don't want to over cook the veggies after all. It was lunch, diner and will be my late snack. I tend to stay up late and sleep late, so I don't do breakfast. In any event, this is healthy food and filling. It's also not heavy on calories. I only use boneless skinless chicken meat. Well they call it a breast, but don't be fooled - it's just a lump of manically separated chicken meat LOL. But it's also only $35 for 4KG of it (8.8 lbs). More than likely I'll do the same thing all week. BTW how do you like the lack of paragraphs? I have noticed a lot of blogs tend to do this, so Ima do it too HA.


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