Domino's Not Giving Me My Pizza Points

 So the points system on seems to be messed up. On the 2nd I ordered something that qualified for 10 point. On the 3rd I ordered twice both should have qualified for 10 point and one said it did NOT qualify and had to be over $10 - well it was $22.70.
 So now doe the entire time since the 3rd it's been saying +20 points pending, Available in 48 hours. Well here it is 4 days later (twice the 48 hours) and no points for me. Not to mention the 10 point it thinks I should not get. I have emailed them and have had no reply at all from them about this.
 Best part is, I'm seriously thinking of never getting pizza again as it is bad for my so called weight loss plan. But I'm going to bitch like a school kid until I get me freakin' points... Even if I literally never use them.
In any event, I think this sucks and I want it fixed NOW like. I think for all the trouble it's given me I should get a coupon for a free large 4 topping pizza if you ask me... But oh well, I'm more than likely fat enough as it is... LOL...

Ya know I should blame fast food companies for making me fat while I'm at it. It can't be my stupid choices over several decades that are at fault after all...


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