Does This Make Sense? AKA Canada Post...

This is the path of my roasting pan that I ordered off of Amazon. Now it started out in Mississauga like normal. Then to Winnipeg like normal. Then to Regina like normal.

The vast majority of the time it then goes to Moose Jaw (the home peg). This time it went to Calgary, then back to Regina and finally to Moose Jaw. This added an extra day to delivery time.

From what I am told, there are no sorting staff in Moose Jaw or Regina so this is why it happens. So I mail something to the other side of Moose Jaw and it goes to Winnipeg or Calgary to be sorted then to Regina then to Moose Jaw to be delivered. HA.

This is the 4th time something took a side trip. Once it was Vancouver to Calgary, to Regina, to Winnipeg, to Regina and to Moose Jaw. The rest of the time it's exactly like the roaster pan LOL.

BUT most of the time It's from Winnipeg to Regina to Moose Jaw.


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