Next Moth Ima Try Harder With Weight Loss (I Hope)

Tomorrow is weigh in day. After eating this for a week. That would be spiced up butter fried chicken and beans with veggies.

I been literally sucking at it this year. I have only lost about 25 lbs so far. Should be up around 70 or so. But I been bad more than good. It's been an enjoyable ride though.

The worst thing is, I know I can get it done because last year I lost a lot more weight. In fact last year I dropped 73.4 lbs. I stupidly quoted 90 on YouTube in a comment today though and though "that ain't right" and looked it up - not was not right.

I got 25 weeks left in the time frame and if I don't mess it up yet again (over and over) I should be able to hit 50. Life is going to suck if I do, but it's possible.

First week was Mar. 31st 2017 last week will me Mar 23rd. 2018. See I started in the middle of a year. I got to stay the hell away from processed food and stop doing things like eating a big ass poutine. Not to mention a double bacon cheese burger from hell. Just got to be in control.

But sadly I am having a lot of impulse issues this last while and they are NOT going away until I have them chips, or that poutine or whatever.

Might skip the chicken next month and go all bean and veggies. See how I do with that and with luck no pizza or burgers... If I get 2 cans of lentils and a can of tomatoes and some frozen veggies I can eat all day on that. That would because of a good sale next week when I get paid would come out to only about $160 or $170 depending on how much coffee is at the time. Also toss in some spice mix to go with that.

So I should be good since I budget $250 for food. Chicken is normally $35 a box and most of the time I just need 1. BUT won't be getting any next month. Still got lots and it will be a treat now and then for a change of pace once a week.


  1. Are you tracking calories as you eat? I'm a HUGE impluse eater. If I want something, I want it now and I don't have a lot of will power to stop myself. One thing that has helped me A LOT is calorie counting. Physically seeing the calories I'm consuming has helped my impulse. I still have bad days. I went over board with mashed potatoes the other night because it's been so long since I've had them, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I only gained that two weeks when I was away and I stopped tracking my meals.

    1. No I don't track them. Most of the time it's the same 3 meals every day. I figured it out w years ago and if I stick to it I lose weight. But I had extra money and I went nuts. So... next month is try hard month. Also saving money for a tv so the snack fund is now gone. That should help.

    2. Well, here's hoping! I'll be cheering you on. :) Good luck!


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