It Tasted Great Then Did Me Wrong

So this all was freaking good. I had the tacos for dinner then the other 2 ended up being consumed later that day.

They rocked for taste although I had to hit it with hot sauce to make it actually spicy.

The only thing is, it about killed me... Not their fault, but my bodies... I am intolerant to preservatives and the spice must have been loaded with it.

Long story short, I ended up puffing up like a balloon with water weight over it. Sigh. I mean this happens with a pizza to some extent but in this case it was extreme.

Still, if you are NOT like me and can take the chemicals I very much recommend going for it. It was sooo good. BTW I was 9 last time I had a taco, so I figured I'd try it out. My mistake... Oh yeah the next day I literally exploded in the can as well.


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