Why I Put On 9.6 LBS

 POP - I had a bottle of coke. The best thing is when I have sugar there is a 50% chance of it triggering a firbro flair in me - but the kind of sugar they tend to use in coke almost never triggers it. Still it's a vast amount of calories and well, not the smartest thing ever. Most people I know who are fat drink a lot of pop.
 Omelet the size of my freaking head. This has a bunch of processed meat in it as well. That always ends in my puffing up for days on end. But yes, this is 3 times the food I should be eating in one sitting.
 Deep fried anything... Deep fried fish and shrimp. Not to mention that nice scoop of starch up top. Yes sea food is not bad for you but when you deep fry it is is. Not to mention once again this is way more food than anyone should be eating.
KFC... Well I got the taco kind of thing they sell - it's a lump of deep fried chicken in flat bread - I got 2 of them. I got poutine and potato salad. Not to mention the cookie and the drink. Yes the cookie triggered a mild flair.

Well this and a Pizza and 20 wings is why I was up almost 10 lbs this week instead of down a few. Sigh but the monthly average is still down - so I won't freak out too much. Still I need to stop this, for one thing it's very expensive. I should be saving the money instead.

Thank GOD I actually walked a little - or I'd be up like 15 lbs this week. Sigh...


  1. hmm even with that food almost 10 pounds seem a little much to gain, anyway the pop probably did the most damage

    1. My fluctuations are kind of wild - I do the same thing all the time but it fluctuates a lot. The thing is with the processed food it's mostly water weight.


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