When Good People Become Jerks

Well for one thing, who does not know this? For another thing, yes they know you blocked them because if you EVER commented on their stuff your name is no longer clickable. Then of course, most end up blocked after an argument - well they go back to the argument and it gives them an error. So they know. Sigh.

This personally came about after a 9 or 10 year online friendship came to a stellar conclusion... I'm talking about one of those "you are arguing a point any 6 year old would see is not valid, so you are just in the mood to be a twatt" kind of things.

Fact is this person has been nothing but a pain in my ass for 2 or more months now. Every comment or interaction was one of those "what the hell is with you" kind of things. Then she starts arguing a point no rational person would argue and was a dick while doing it.

Sadly I'm not alone in the "you are blocked" thing on this one. We ended up talking about it on Facebook and sure enough several other people had enough of this persons shit as well in the last while.

She started several months ago trolling groups and going ballistic on people who where trying to sell things. I'm talking trolling the shit out of them. She had no idea who they where and they had done nothing wrong. This should have ended it for me, but I hung in there - much to my regret.

As well she blasted a mutual friend for literally no reason and not one of us knew why she was angry. That again should have ended it. But I tend to give people way too many chances for one reason or the other.

There are several people that think they know why she is off her head this last while, but the fact is who cares? I'm not putting up with abuse from someone I have been supper supportive to for a decade. I was always nice to her and helped her with my own money several times. What did I get for my trouble - attacked by a crazy person looking for a fight.

The worst part is, like several others I have encountered over the years - she has no clue why people are blocking her and thinks she is the victim here. After all in her mind she did nothing wrong. The many others she offended this last while would not agree with that of course.

When I was a teen and in high school there was this one person who just up and had a change in personality like this. We never did find out what the hell happened, but it was almost the same. He just up and started to tell this one person off for no reason. I mean the guy was just standing there looking at a book and POOF the dude was triggered some how.

Well he bitched this guy out and well, got punched in the face over it. The other guy just walked away at that time. Well dumb ass looks at me and says "What the fuck was that about"? Sigh. I told him he was being an asshole and he could not understand why I said it. So I stopped being friends with him.

Best thing is, he went to the office and told on the guy. I knew he was going to do it and I went a bit later and told what happened - so did 2 other people. Well the principal was one of these people who thinks "there is never a time for violence" and he got suspended for 2 days. A total injustice if you ask me.

This fellow ended up just up and vanishing one day - not coming to school any more. I don't have a clue what happened. I did not really know his folks and as I figured he was a crazy asshole - I did not follow up. I rather hope he ended up being looked after or something. Then again it could have been any of 100 things... Who knows.

I'm not even going into the 5 year decline of personality of someone I been hanging out with for many many years and now have distanced myself from. That is just too sad too me. This man was one of the nicest and kindest people I ever knew. Then over the last 5 years he just got angry at the world. I'm 95% sure I know all the reasons, but oh well... We can't fix people - they have to fix themselves.

You all have a fabulous day and keep smiling.


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