At The Doctor For No Big Reason

 Had this thing on my thumb bothering me for some time now - several weeks. I got something in there and could not get it all out. Well it healed over and so on... So long story short, I went to see the doctor about it and he assured me that it's no big deal and it will work it's way out eventually. But until it does, it's going to bother me every time I bump the dang thing.
 Random shot because I was bored... Notice the sign telling me not to have my cell phone one - the one I took the photo of with my cell phone...
The thing on my thumb. Yes it's small but I had not had this happen before so I decided to go and see just in case. So now I will know. Also now I know not to take a razor blade to it and fish out the thing inside... Infection bad...

BTW thank God for socialized medicine. If I was in the USA this would have cost me money. For that mater in Alberta it would have cost me something to, but they don't count...


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